Connecting Kids With Experts

Climate Change

Climate Change with Professor Galvão

Tropical rainforests are far and away the most important ecosystems for mitigating climate change. Professor Galvão discusses the urgency of sustainably developing the Amazon rainforest in times of political denialism.

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Animal Health

Equine Vet with Laura

For all animal lovers, discover firsthand what it means to have a career in veterinary medicine from Laura, an equine (horse) vet specializing in sports medicine.

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Mime with Bill

Explore the ancient art of mime with Bill and learn how to communicate feelings and emotions without any words through the use of gestures, facial expressions and movement.

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Radiology with Dr. Lee

Explore the skills needed to become a radiologist, a doctor who specializes in medical imaging in order to diagnose, monitor, and treat various conditions and injuries. 

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Cooking with Felix

Your tastebuds will be blown away when you join chef Felix on a culinary adventure and prepare to dominate in the kitchen like a contestant on Top Chef.

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Performance with YinJia

A holistic music course from history, stylistic approach, technique, to practical topics such as performance anxiety, memorization, and audition techniques.

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Pattern Design with Katy

Join Katy, a surface designer, as she explores the many mesmerizing patterns which can be found in nature, from the spiral of a snail’s shell to the stripes of a zebra and the wings of a butterfly.

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Invention with Denise

So you want to bring your big ideas to life? Learn how to dream big, create ideas that can be patented, marketed and brought to life especially toys, video games and theme park attractions.

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